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What is a DUI charge?


First and Foremost we must understand what is at stake to adequately beat this charge.


A DUI / Driving under the influence conviction can be related to alcohol and or drugs.


A conviction can result in loss of reputation, fines, suspension or revocation of driver’s license, attendance at alcohol-education classes, increase in or cancellation of your auto insurance, the requirement of ignition interlock device in your car, and even jail.


Not having the right to drive can be devastating to a person’s career and life.


I promise I understand the value my client's place in preserving their livelihood after a DUI, and I will be committed 100% to ensure my client's best possible outcome.


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How will my DUI process be?

Step 1: Time is precious if less than 10 days have passed since the arrest, we still have time to save your driver's license from becoming suspended, we will contact the DMV and request a hearing on your behalf, that way you can continue to drive until the DMV hearing date, which can take months to arrive.


Step 2: After the DMV hearing, if the license suspension is granted we will help you get a restricted license so you can continue to drive.


Step 3: First court date - an "arraignment" - here on we will take over the case in its entirety, you are not required to go to court, nor is it beneficial to do so. We will go to court for you and have a steadfast approach, expressing to both the judge and the prosecutor that we are not giving up, and are ready to put on a fight all the way to trial.


Step 4: Second court date - "pretrial conference" - we will review the evidence and try to reach a perfect deal for you, if I notice that the prosecutor or judge is not giving you the best deal, I would immediately recommend a jury trial.


Step 5:  - "Trial" - ONLY IF WE CAN"T REACH A DEAL, maybe 3-4 months after the arrest, sometimes even more. - We will implement some of the strongest DUI trial tactics to ensure you put up a good fight, "I will always have your best interest in mind."


Why should you hire a DUI Attorney?

Most people incorrectly assume that a DUI is indefensible, especially when they have a high BAC or they are involved in a traffic collision. Speak to a knowledgeable DUI attorney as soon as possible because you might have a stronger defense than you think.


The most important defenses to VC 23152(b) - Driving with 08% blood-alcohol concentration are:

  1. Showing that the defendant was not driving

  2. Showing that the results are inaccurate, unreliable, or inadmissible

  3. Showing that the results do not reflect blood-alcohol content at the time of driving



Here are a few more things a DUI attorney can challenge:


  • Was there a legal basis for the initial stop?

  • Did the officer have ample evidence to conduct a DUI investigation?

  • Where there any field sobriety tests?

  • Was there probable cause to support a DUI arrest?

  • Were the tests used to measure your BAC conducted appropriately?

  • Did the driver have a “rising” blood-alcohol level?

  • Many more case-specific challenges are available


Most people fail to realize the fines, license suspension and increased insurance rates that may result from a DUI arrest can together represent a much greater expense for you than an attorney’s fee. A conviction for a first time DUI could also result in additional jail time! However, Jack and his staff will fight to get you the best possible outcome!


How about trial Jack?


Going to trial is an extremely valuable tool in our disposal if I see significant flaws in the case, and the opposition is not acting favorably, I will not hesitate to recommend trial. In trial we have a wide array of tools:


Here's an example:


If the prosecution offers evidence of defendants appearance and conduct, we will offer evidence to contradict it by cross-examining the officer and putting our own witnesses on the stand to testify that the defendant's behavior was inconsistent with the level of intoxication indicated.


A California Appellate Court Case Stated: People v Randolph, 213 Cal. App. 3d Supp. 1, 262 Cal. Rptr. 378


"Evidence regarding the manner in which a defendant drove, performed field sobriety tests, and behaved is admissable and relevant as tending to establish he did or did not have (over the legal limit) BAC while driving."


Always Remember that their is alot of favorable law on your side, and we will utilize the ones that matter best to your case.



Jack can you make me any promises?


We will keep you informed after each court appearance. We return all phone calls and emails.  We will give you an honest assessment of the case and what to expect.  Most importantly, we will take a steadfast approach and strive to do a good job on your case and to achieve the best possible result.  We understand the burden you are in, and we promise to take the weight off your shoulders.


When charged with a DUI, there are a million things that can go wrong, things that can ruin your career or have a devastating impact.  Choosing the right attorney is one of the most critical decisions you will make. 


For a first time DUI our $2595 Flat Rate is one of the lowest in the industry - Note: the flat rate only applies if charges are only a DUI and if we do not decide to go to trial


We have satellite offices throughout Southern California and can meet near your home if you cannot come to our main office in Burbank.


Always Remember: "Jack's Got Your Back"



Call Jack Now: (877) 797 - JACK


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Jack, your care and compassion has empowered me substantially, I developed a keen interest in my case and was engaged throughout. Moreover, I was more than satisfied with the result.


- Vazken, Van Nuys


What can I say Jack, thank you, your the best. Thank you for not over-promising, but actually over-delivering.


- Ashley, Burbank

I recommend you 100% Jack, keep up the good work!.


- Arthur, Burbank

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Dear Client,


Thank you for taking the time to consider me as your attorney. If I can use two words to describe myself, I must say passionate and aggressive. My passion will contribute to a great plan of action to ensure your needs are fulfilled and you get the justice you deserve. And my aggression will ensure you have a powerful advocate fighting for you all the way to the end.  


I always offer a 100% free no obligation consultation at my office, so that we may review the specifics of your case, in order to adequately achieve the results you deserve. 


Well educated and with ample working experience, I guarantee I have the tools and knowledge to give you a great representation.


- Jack Kakoian


Always Remember: "Jacks Got Your Back"


Educational Qualifications​:

  • B.A. from UC Irvine

  • J.D. from GUCL

  • Admittance to the State Bar of California 

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