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Law Office of:

H. Jack Kakoian

"Jack's Got Your Back"


The legal system is complex and should not be navigated alone. I understand the laws concerning your case and am prepared to offer you our knowledgeable assistance. 
With aggressive strategies, creative approaches, and effective methods, I will help you obtain the results you need.
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Dear Client,


Thank you for taking the time to consider me as your attorney. If I can use two words to describe myself, I must say passionate and aggressive. My passion will contribute to a great plan of action to ensure your needs are fulfilled and you get the justice you deserve. And my aggression will ensure you have a powerful advocate fighting for you all the way to the end.  


I always offer a 100% free no obligation consultation at my office, so that we may review the specifics of your case, in order to adequately achieve the results you deserve. 


Well educated and with ample working experience, I guarantee I have the tools and knowledge to give you a great representation.


- Jack Kakoian


"Jack's Got Your Back"

jack kakoian

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