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We are an aggressive Accident Litigation firm, we will protect your rights and your property during and after an accident.

It’s important to remember that — even if you’re clearly not at fault in a vehicle collision — receiving equitable compensation is not always a straightforward or simple process. Insurance companies are in the business of generating profits for shareholders; in order to do so, they need to minimize claims and payouts.


Insurance companies also have vast resources at their disposal, in terms of money, staff and general knowledge of the claims and legal processes. It’s hardly surprising that many injury victims feel intimidated by the prospect of dealing with a large insurer. Insurance companies know this, and use it to their advantage.


By partnering with Jack, you can be certain that your legal rights will be vigorously protected — and that you will have the best possible chance to receive everything to which you’re entitled under the law.


No Win No Pay Guarantee!


How we will handle your case:

To prevail in your claim, an attorney must be able to handle the complexities of your case. Your attorney should manage all of the following tasks.


  • Investigate the accident promptly and thoroughly

  • Preserve evidence from the crash

  • Locate witnesses to the accident

  • Obtain photographs of the crash scene

  • Establish the defendants’ fault

  • Inspect the vehicle for potential defects

  • Protect you from filing deadlines

  • Sue all responsible parties

  • Hire the right experts

  • Recover your medical expenses and lost wages

  • Maximize your pain and suffering damages for your accident injuries






Jack can you make me any promises?


We will keep you informed. We return all phone calls and emails.  We will give you an honest assessment of the case and what to expect.  Most importantly, we will take a steadfast approach and strive to do a good job on your case and to achieve the best possible result.  We understand the burden you are in, and we promise to take the weight off your shoulders.



We have satellite offices throughout Southern California and can meet near your home if you cannot come to our main office in Glendale.


Always Remember: "Jack's Got Your Back"



Call Jack Now: (877) 311 - 3555


Or Contact Us Below for a free evaluation:



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Dear Client,


Thank you for taking the time to consider me as your attorney. If I can use two words to describe myself, I must say passionate and aggressive. My passion will contribute to a great plan of action to ensure your needs are fulfilled and you get the justice you deserve. And my aggression will ensure you have a powerful advocate fighting for you all the way to the end.  


I always offer a 100% free no obligation consultation at my office, so that we may review the specifics of your case, in order to adequately achieve the results you deserve. 


Well educated and with ample working experience, I guarantee I have the tools and knowledge to give you a great representation.


- Jack Kakoian


Always Remember: "Jacks Got Your Back"


Educational Qualifications​:

  • B.A. from UC Irvine

  • J.D. from GUCL

  • Admittance to the State Bar of California 

  • Admittance to Federal Court - Central District CA

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