Business Transactions


We will help guide you through the early stages of business formation. For small businesses, our services include the following:

  • Forming a business entity: including a corporation, LLC, S Corporation, simple partnership, or otherwise.

  • Licensing: Helping you obtain any necessary state and local licenses or permits.

  • Contracts: Preparing and reviewing contracts, lease agreements, and partnership agreements

  • Business Advice: We provide the immediate advice you will need at a fraction of the cost of our competitors.

Flat Rate Formation


My Socal Attorney offers a $699 flat Rate Corporation Formation guaranteed to be completed by a Licensed Attorney (not a Paralegal) for both Corporations and LLCs which includes:


  1. Name availability

  2. Name Reservation

  3. Prepare and file necessary papers with Secretary of State

  4. Prepare all Organizational Documents

    1. Bylaws and Organizational Minutes,

    2. Authorizing the election of officers and directors,

    3. And other matters (for Corporations)

    4. Articles of Incorporation ( for LLC's)

Business Litigation

Litigation is a reality that most businesses will face, simple mistakes can lead to costly lawsuits. Even if a business is acting prudently and even if its employees are doing everything they can to keep up with all of the applicable laws, rules and regulations in their industry, that business can still be dragged into court by overreaching litigants. Once a lawsuit is filed, businesses must respond quickly or face potentially devastating consequences.

We can represent businesses in disputes involving any of the following kinds of actions


  • Breach of contract

  • Employment disputes

  • Consumer litigation

  • Fraud

  • Unfair business practices

  • False and deceptive advertising

  • Breach of fiduciary duty

  • Lawsuit prevention



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