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In Negotiation

Civil Litigation



My Socal Attorney is a civil litigation defense firm. We defend an array of civil claims. For example, clients involved in legal disputes with another party or parties (civil litigation) who are defending some form of monetary damages will need a lawyer with skill in litigation. We understand and possess knowledge of the substantive and procedural law to be effective in trials, hearings, arbitration, and mediation.


Jack has superior interpersonal skills, negotiation skills, along with keen ability to synthesize complex legal and factual material that will resonate through the seven stages of civil litigation: investigation, pleadings, discovery, settlement, pre-trial, trial, and appeal.  Several common types of civil litigation we defend include:

  • Employment Law

  • Real Estate Law and Litigation

  • Landlord/Tenant Disputes

  • Business Litigation

  • Contract Formation & Disputes 

  • Cannabis Law

  • CA Lemon Law



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