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All employers have a duty to know the law and implement policies in the workforce to ensure the law is followed at all times, where there is a breach of this duty by the employer, the employee is entitled to sue the employer for damages.


What Can Employees Sue their Employers for?

Wrongful termination cases arise in a variety of different ways. Oftentimes, an employee experiences an injury while at work and is later terminated because of his or her injury. Other times, an employer retaliates against an employee for reporting an alleged violation of a law, reporting or complaining about workplace harassment or discrimination, or for requesting accommodations.

California is an “at will” employment state, meaning employees may be terminated for any reason, or for no reason at all.  However, there are certain safeguards in place.  An employer cannot terminate an employee for an illegal reason, including the following:

  • Discrimination on the basis of age, race, national origin, gender, disability, religion, sexual orientation, pregnancy or other protected classes

  • An employee exercising his or her rights, including the right to blow the whistle on an employer’s illegal or fraudulent actions or refusing to participate in such actions

  • Firing an employee in violation of family medical leave laws

  • Retaliation for reporting or complaining of discrimination.

If you believe that you have been wrongfully and unlawfully terminated by your employer, you may have the right to compensation for damages, lost wages, and benefits and for emotional distress. Wrongful termination can be difficult on your mental health and some individuals even require psychological treatment to cope with their stress and anxiety.


Jack can you make me any promises?


I pledge to do an extraordinary job on your case and to achieve the best possible result.  During your time of need, I will be in your corner 100%, defending you and taking the weight off of your shoulders.  


Always Remember: "Jack's Got Your Back"



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Jack can you make me any promises?


We will keep you informed. We return all phone calls and emails.  We will give you an honest assessment of the case and what to expect.  Most importantly, we will take a steadfast approach and strive to do a good job on your case and to achieve the best possible result.  We understand the burden you are in, and we promise to take the weight off your shoulders.



We have satellite offices throughout Southern California and can meet near your home if you cannot come to our main office in Glendale.


Always Remember: "Jack's Got Your Back"



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Thank you for taking the time to consider me as your attorney. If I can use two words to describe myself, I must say passionate and aggressive. My passion will contribute to a great plan of action to ensure your needs are fulfilled and you get the justice you deserve. And my aggression will ensure you have a powerful advocate fighting for you all the way to the end.  


I always offer a 100% free no obligation consultation at my office, so that we may review the specifics of your case, in order to adequately achieve the results you deserve. 


Well educated and with ample working experience, I guarantee I have the tools and knowledge to give you a great representation.


- Jack Kakoian


"Jack's Got Your Back"


Educational Qualifications​:

  • B.A. from UC Irvine

  • J.D. from GUCL

  • Admittance to the State Bar of California 

  • Admittance to Federal Court - Central District CA

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